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JoseVicenteMedranoJose Vicente Medrano

Dr. Jose Medrano obtained his Biological Sciences Degree in 2006 and coursed a Master degree in Biotechnology of Human Reproduction in 2008 at University of Valencia. He obtained his PhD in 2012 under the supervision of Professor Carlos Simon working in human germ line differentiation from hESCs and iPSCs. During his grad school years, he also worked in the laboratory of the professor Renee Reijo at Stanford University for one year, where he studied the role of RNA binding proteins DAZL and VASA in the meiotic induction of germ cells obtained from hESCs and iPSCs.

As a postdoc, he worked in different alternatives that Regenerative Medicine can offer to patients unable to produce functional gametes. He is the co-inventor of one patent and has authored several high impact international papers, book chapters and scientific communicationts in international congresses, and was the director of a Master thesis in 2014 and a PhD thesis in 2011-2014.

More recently, he did a post-doctoral stay at Professor Goossens´s lab at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where he studied the different approaches for restoring fertility in kids under cancer treatment and klinefelter patients. Currently, he is the scientific manager of the first program for fertility preservation in prebubertal boys affected by cancer at the Hospital La Fe in Spain and Profesor in the Master degree in Biotechnology of Human Reproduction at University of Valencia since 2010.

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