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SandraLaurentinoSandra Laurentino

Research Experience

  • Post-doc at CeRA (University of Muenster) in the group of Professor Jörg Gromoll. Since 2.2012
  • PhD student at Health Sciences Research Center (University of Beira Interior, Portugal). Supervisors: Professor Sílvia Socorro and Professor José Eduardo Cavaco (University of Beira Interior, Portugal); co-supervisor: Professor Mário Sousa (University of Porto, Portugal) 2007-2011
  • Scientific internship in Health Sciences Research Center (Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Beira Interior). Supervisors: Professor Sílvia Socorro and Professor José Eduardo Cavaco. 2005-2006


  • PhD in Biomedicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Beira Interior (Covilhã, Portugal). 2011
    Thesis: Sexual Steroid Regulation of Spermatogenesis: New Actors Enter the Stage.
  • Licenciatura Degree in Biochemistry, University of Beira Interior. 2006
    Thesis: Study of the Expression of Androgen Receptor, Estrogen Receptors α and β and α-Inhibin and Localization of Androgen Receptor in Testicular Tissue of Infertile Men.


  • Funding by the Clinical Research Unit 326: ‘Single-cell transcriptome analysis to dissect the interaction between soma and germline in the human testis’ 2018-2019
  • Travel Grants by the Cells in Motion Cluster of Excellence:
    European Testis Workshop 2018 May 2018
    International Congress of Andrology 2017 May 2017
    European Testis Workshop 2016 May 2016
  • Innovative Medical Research of the University of Muenster Medical School (IMF) pilot project: ‘Epigenetic heterogeneity in human spermatogonia unravelled by next-generation sequencing: do individual methylation patterns dictate stem cell behaviour?’ (LA211518) 2015-2016
  • IMF full project (LA121315) “The Human X-linked Reproductive Homeobox (RHOX) Genes and Spermatogenesis” 2014-2017
  • IMF pilot project (LA211205) “Laser Capture Microdissection technology to study DNA methylation status in human testicular cells” 2012-2013
  • PhD fellowship awarded by the Portuguese Institute for Science and Technology (FCT; SFRH/BD/30173/2006). 2007-2011

Honours and Prizes

  • Best poster award, 6. DVR Congress 2015
  • 3rd prize in the annual EMBL PhD Symposium Writing Prize. 2009
  • Best oral presentation by a PhD student at the II CICS Symposium. 2007
  • Best Biochemistry student in University of Beira Interior. 2006

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